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About the President and CEO

Bob Kaiser’s career began as a Senior Commercial Credit Analyst at Security Trust Company in Rochester, NY. After earning his Masters Degree from Columbia University, he became a full time faculty member at first Babson College and then Bentley College. He continued on to become the long-standing Senior Vice President of Organizational Development at the United States Trust Company in Boston, MA. He earned a PhD in Management from Northwestern International University

In 1988, Kaiser established RW Kaiser & Associates and has served as a consultant to hundreds of organizations including financial institutions, law enforcement agencies, small businesses and municipal agencies. He also worked in the Law Enforcement’s Command Training Institute for more than 35 years where he personally trained thousands of command officers throughout New England. His Executive Mentoring Program has been used by many area banks and businesses to develop and support executive officers within their organizations.

Kaiser uses his extensive experience in organizational dynamics and hard-earned diagnostic skills to give his clients insight into the climate and core personality of their organizations, helping them to tap their talent pool in effective and creative ways.



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Areas of Expertise

Management Consulting

RW Kaiser & Associates takes a results driven and holistic approach to management consulting. The organizations that benefit most from this service are facing challenges with a higher level of complexity or within areas of critical need.

Examples of areas of common need include:

  • Board Development

  • Culture Building or Reformation

  • Organizational Structure

  • Operational Procedures

  • Talent Assessment

  • Team Building

  • Toxic Employees

RW Kaiser & Associates works with organizations to identify symptoms, diagnose the underlying challenges and create effective outcomes.

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Executive Mentoring

When hiring and developing employees for leadership positions it is crucial for CEOs and boards to be able to identify effective applicants and for selected applicants to be on-boarded smoothly into their role. That is when executive mentoring comes into play.

RW Kaiser & Associates will help identify talent and mentor them in such key areas as:

  • Effective Leadership Styles

  • Management Skills

  • Conflict Resolution

  • Communication Skills for Motivation

  • Managing Difficult Employees

  • Operational Effectiveness

Professional Advancement Mentoring

Planning for the future by building a bench of qualified professionals for seniors positions is a defining characteristic of an effective organization. RW Kaiser & Associates works with Human Resource professionals and Training Departments that want to fast-track individuals into senior positions within a two year timeline.

Aspects of this service include:

  • Internal Talent Identification

  • Culture/Temperament Fit Assessment

  • Supervisory Skills

Supervisory Skills Development

In large organizations, the middle management team is integral to success. The individuals best suited to staff skills development have been identified as having both potential and talent but have not previously held positions of authority.

Areas of development include:

  • Decision Making

  • Problem Solving

  • Communication Skills

  • Motivating Employees

  • Team Building

  • Delegation

  • Managing Difficult Employees

Supervisory Skills Development is conducted in a group setting using case studies, real world examples and interactive game theory.

Leaders don’t create followers, they create
more leaders.
— Tom Peters